DOM: Stylesheets and CSS

Test Matrix

This test matrix covers the DOM2 Style and DOM2 CSS modules of the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 specification.

Sections that are grayed out are those that were not claimed to be implemented in the 0.6 release. The contributor writing the tests for each interface is given under the interface name. Links are to the relevant test case indexes, which are currently largely incomplete.

Interface Attributes Methods Tests
DOMImplementationCSS ianh createCSSStyleSheet 1
ViewCSS ianh getComputedStyle 1
DocumentStyle ianh styleSheets 1
DocumentCSS ianh getOverrideStyle 1
StyleSheetList ianh length item 1
LinkStyle ianh sheet
ElementCSSInlineStyle ianh style
StyleSheet ianh type disabled ownerNode parentStyleSheet href title media 5
MediaList ianh mediaText length item deleteMedium appendMedium
CSSStyleSheet ianh ownerRule cssRules insertRule deleteRule
CSSRuleList ianh length item
CSSRule ianh type cssText parentStyleSheet parentRule 1
CSSStyleRule ianh selectorText style 1
CSSMediaRule ianh media cssRules insertRule deleteRule 1
CSSFontFaceRule ianh style
CSSPageRule ianh selectorText style
CSSImportRule ianh href media styleSheet
CSSCharsetRule ianh encoding
CSSUnknownRule ianh
CSSStyleDeclaration ianh cssText length parentRule getPropertyValue getPropertyCSSValue removeProperty getPropertyPriority setProperty item 2
CSSValue ianh cssText valueType
CSSPrimitiveValue ianh primitiveType setFloatValue getFloatValue setStringValue getStringValue getCounterValue getRectValue getRGBColorValue
CSSValueList ianh length item
RGBColor ianh red green blue
Rect ianh top right bottom left
Counter ianh identifier listStyle separator
CSS2Properties ianh azimuth background backgroundAttachment backgroundColor backgroundImage backgroundPosition backgroundRepeat border borderCollapse borderColor borderSpacing borderStyle borderTop borderRight borderBottom borderLeft borderTopColor borderRightColor borderBottomColor borderLeftColor borderTopStyle borderRightStyle borderBottomStyle borderLeftStyle borderTopWidth borderRightWidth borderBottomWidth borderLeftWidth borderWidth bottom captionSide clear clip color content counterIncrement counterReset cue cueAfter cueBefore cursor direction display elevation emptyCells cssFloat font fontFamily fontSize fontSizeAdjust fontStretch fontStyle fontVariant fontWeight height left letterSpacing lineHeight listStyle listStyleImage listStylePosition listStyleType margin marginTop marginRight marginBottom marginLeft markerOffset marks maxHeight maxWidth minHeight minWidth orphans outline outlineColor outlineStyle outlineWidth overflow padding paddingTop paddingRight paddingBottom paddingLeft page pageBreakAfter pageBreakBefore pageBreakInside pause pauseAfter pauseBefore pitch pitchRange playDuring position quotes richness right size speak speakHeader speakNumeral speakPunctuation speechRate stress tableLayout textAlign textDecoration textIndent textShadow textTransform top unicodeBidi verticalAlign visibility voiceFamily volume whiteSpace widows width wordSpacing zIndex

Totals: DOM Style: 12 properties, 4 methods; DOM CSS: 190 properties, 37 methods.