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Parent Directory - oddities/ 28-Jun-2005 06:33 - tables/ 28-Jun-2005 06:33 - viewer.html 21-Nov-2002 00:19 337 Compat HTML: DOM Viewer 001.html 21-Nov-2002 00:31 134 003.html 21-Nov-2002 06:40 352 Block element containing a block element 002.html 21-Nov-2002 06:41 140 Spilling font out of a block 004.html 21-Nov-2002 11:30 557 Inline element containg a block eleement, with style 005.html 21-Nov-2002 11:31 544 Inline element containg a block eleement, with style 006.html 07-Jul-2003 00:35 185 Root element not first element 007.html 07-Jul-2003 00:51 323 Multiple root elements 008.html 11-Sep-2003 09:56 299 Empty comments 009.html 11-Dec-2003 02:22 284 Parser Test: unclosed <font> crossing implied </p> 011.html 14-Jan-2004 07:09 278 Mismatched close tags 012.html 14-Jan-2004 07:42 306 Mismatched close tags (block-level) 013.html 14-Jan-2004 07:42 311 Mismatched close tags (block-level) 015.html 14-Jan-2004 07:44 312 Mismatched close tags (inline-level) 014.html 14-Jan-2004 07:45 308 Mismatched close tags (inline-level) 018.html 30-Mar-2004 06:44 224 Misnested inline elements in a table 010.html 07-Apr-2004 02:19 379 Unknown Elements viewer-internal.html 03-May-2004 03:16 5.4K Compat HTML: DOM Viewer 019.js 16-Jul-2004 04:50 113 019.html 16-Jul-2004 06:55 893 Unclosed tags 016.html 22-Apr-2005 06:14 2.1K Strange punctuation characters in tag names 017.html 22-Apr-2005 06:56 2.2K Strange punctuation characters in tag names (entire basic multilingual plane) 017-results.txt 22-Apr-2005 07:04 947 020.html 22-Apr-2005 07:43 1.0K 021.html 06-Sep-2005 08:48 464 022.html 07-Sep-2005 04:08 479 TODO 07-Sep-2005 05:04 89 023.html 15-Dec-2005 18:28 2.5K Strange punctuation characters before tag names (entire basic multilingual plane) 023-results.txt 15-Dec-2005 18:30 292
I presume 001.html is covered by the GPL, what with it being based on
the Linux kernel and all.

Note that these tests assume that Windows IE6 is right. For equivalent
tests that assume that the HTML5 specification is right, see the tests
in the ../error-handling/ directory.