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Parent Directory - 015.html 22-Feb-2007 17:52 355 Refresh test: newlines in the middle 014.html 22-Feb-2007 17:39 209 Refresh test: newlines in the middle 013.html 22-Feb-2007 17:24 189 Refresh test: trailing spaces 012.html 22-Feb-2007 17:09 190 Refresh test: misformed 'URL=' 011.html 22-Feb-2007 17:21 192 Refresh test: misformed 'URL=' 010.html 22-Feb-2007 17:20 191 Refresh test: misformed 'URL=' 009.html 22-Feb-2007 17:05 191 Refresh test: misformed 'URL=' 008.html 22-Feb-2007 16:53 321 Refresh test: refreshing POST 007.html 22-Feb-2007 17:05 215 Refresh test: trailing decimals, numbers, and spaces 006.html 22-Feb-2007 17:07 195 Refresh test: multiple decimals 005.html 22-Feb-2007 17:07 184 Refresh test: decimals 004.html 22-Feb-2007 17:07 181 Refresh test: spaces 003.html 22-Feb-2007 17:06 181 Refresh test: spaces 002.html 22-Feb-2007 17:06 299 Refresh test: lack of URL= prefix 001.html 22-Feb-2007 17:06 320 Refresh test: negative numbers and precedence
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