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Parent Directory - sync-vs-async/ 22-Jan-2010 01:52 - pushState/ 12-Jun-2013 14:46 - cross-origin/ 13-Nov-2013 12:40 - 003.html 06-Jul-2009 02:39 694 history.back() 001.html 06-Jul-2009 02:39 436 history.back() 002.html 06-Jul-2009 16:52 694 history.back() 004.html 06-Jul-2009 17:25 694 history.back() 005.html 25-Aug-2009 19:37 542 Synchronicity of events during history.back()
Two things worth noting about these tests (especially 001-004).

First: let them get cached, then run them. That is, run them twice,
and ignore the first result.

Second: avoid using the back button while running these tests, or
you'll lose your sanity.